You draw the door on the wall and can go out
The installation is like a three-dimensional drawing in motion, where the metaphor "You draw the door on the wall and can go out" is given a physical place in reality. It is a landscape that is inspired by the spatial perception of nature. The installation is a space created with white paper and running fans. The viewer can walk into the landscape of paper. The space is quiet with a slight sound and movement. Here the viewer is greeted by gusts of wind and the sound of propellers humming. In the room there is playing touches from paper strips that comes down from the ceiling. The floor is as covered with trees cut out of paper. The trees affect the walks through the space. The internal space may be affected by the outer space. An outside and an inside in motion. The work is a space for presence and an opportunity for imagination.
Exhibited at
The work has been exhibited at Spanien19c, Denmark.
Hjemmesiden er støttet af Statens Kunstråds Billedkunstudvalg
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