Time can wait
The work "Time can wait" consists of a series of 18 photographs, analog C - print, video, and paper cuts installations. In the photographs I have cut and placed three dimensional white paper cuttings in landscapes of Italy, Denmark and Iceland. The work is about how we relate to nature and how we choose to interact with it and represent it. The presence of the paper cuttings in nature creates a contrast between a real and an imaginary reality. In the photographs the reality and paper cuttings meets with places and processes of nature in the three countries. In the video, the paper cuttings are set into motion in the meeting with the surroundings.
The installations of paper cuttings meets with the audience in the real time space of the exhibition place. The images indicate the delicate and fineness of nature with the white paper cutouts that stand in contrast to the more rough surfaces and rough environments. The paper cuttings place themselves between what is and what is not, as a loss or a possible creation.
Exhibited at
Galleri Image 2010
Nordic photografic Center, Oulu, Finland 2013
5 th International festival of photography, Photovisa, Rusland 2013
Nikolaj kunst og design, Kolding 2014.
Supported by
Aarhus Kommunes Kulturudviklingspulje
Fondet for Dansk - Islandsk samarbejde
Erling Ruth Dahlers legat,
Arne Meyers legat
Artist in residency
San Cataldo, Italiy,
Klitgaarden Refugium,
Sim residency, Iceland.

Danish Art Foundation, Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark.
The Catalog is supportet:
Stifttidendes Fond
Det Obelske Familie Fond
Konsul George Jocrck og Hustru Emma Jorck`s Fond
Hjemmesiden er støttet af Statens Kunstråds Billedkunstudvalg
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